what makes a blog successful

Welcome to my blog ! My name is Jason. I am  post-graduate student who have no IT background at all.(Just graduated from QUT under-graduate business degree).

The purpose of this blog is to express my personal passion and for my calss Enterprise2.0 aswell.

First of all, this blog post will be discussing  some useful tips, which will also be my strategies of blogging that i have came up with and also introducing strategies on how to obtain leadership.

What are the tips for writing a good blog?

Through out my research on writing successful blog, i have came up with tips that I think are important and those tips will be constantly practiced through the life of this blog.

1. Heading!!!- Heading is the first thing that readers will notice, but more importantly, not just readers, but search engines as well. Writing a heading including keywords but at the mean time maintain attraction to readers will be the best outcome of a successful heading. For example, a post introducing sports car with a heading of  ”Sports Car” is definitely great for search engines but I highly doubt that readers will find this heading worth reading. A better heading will be “10 facts you should know about sports car”.

2. Update Constantly – Every successful blog such as 95to5mac and baseball nation has the same characteristic that is constantly updating posts. Let’s say that a blog has finally reached their goal of 1million views and decided to take a break and stop updating informations. Sooner or later, those original readers will find other blogs in replacement of the old one because no new informations can be obtained from the old ones. No one wants to read a blog that has been read 10 times.

3. Interaction with Readers – Asking questions, invite comments, answering questions and reply comments. The best way to engage readers is to interacte with them. Every comment and question shows their interest in the post and replying them is essential. Everyone expects a response when they throw out a question right?

4. Comments!!! – Number of comments and response to comments are often an important thing that a blog needs. Have you ever went to a youtube video by accident but after reading the top comment decided to finish the whole video? Or leave immediately because the top comment was ” this is fake and gay”. Thats exactly how powerful comments can be.

5. Valuable content – When writing a content, bloggers should always think at a reader’s perspective. Content should be easily understood and read. For example, a blog that introduce programming should always start with the basic programming skills and progressively include the difficulty of programming so that the reader will understand.

There are many worth reading blogs on the internet, but out of all, I like get rich slowly the most. It constantly update wise advices to readers on how to manage your finance better. It will be great if you check it out when you have time.

Thanks for reading this post, see you soon!


16 thoughts on “what makes a blog successful

  1. A good read and some really easy, understandable fundamental rules for your blogging strategy. Also a bit of humour in there, which worked really well to cut the post! Check out my first post if you’re not busy. Cheers!

  2. I like that you introduced yourself at the start Jason, I wish I had done that in my post! You definitely discussed some good points of a successful blog that I didn’t think of- I’ll have to read your tips again next week. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on my post if you have any time.

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  4. Valuable content is really a decisive factor to be popular or not…..These days I watch a Technology Blog which introduces useful PC and mobile applications…..Less people will write their blog as a diary anymore!

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  6. I saw some valuable points from you blog and these points will help you improving your IT knowledge really quick, I’ll come back to your blog randomly

  7. Those are useful tips and key points to run a successful blogs! Sounds interesting! Looking forward to see any great posts in the future. will visit here when I got time.

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