The Legal Risk of Social Media

Hello everyone! welcome back to my blog ! This week I will talk about the legal issues that might generate through social media. People often say whatever they want on the internet because they think they will not be responsible of any words they say. But that’s wrong, throughout the popularity of social media especially twitter and facebook

This youtube video provides the perfect case of how social media can go terribly wrong, lawsuit can be caused and someone will be account for their action.

My selected organisation will be Mcdonalds

Reputation Risk

A post on the internet can do a lot of harm to mcdonalds, remember the video on youtube about how putting mcdonald’s food inside jars and leaving it there for days without them showing any sign of decaying? I will supply the video at the end of the paragraph incase any of you are interested. Other then videos, posts or tweets can also harm mcdonald’s reputation in many ways. Such as posting pictures of food served with insects or disgusting environment inside mcdonalds. These information online can really do a great deal on destroying mcdonald’s reputation.

Confidential Information Risk

Employees of mcdonald can provide confidential information that mcdonald’s doesnt want the world to know. Just a simple tweet is just as affective as jumping on stage during the olympic open ceremony. Information that is on the internet can spread by users sharing posts, media quoting, and etc. Special recipe or procedure of certain action that should remain confidential can be at risk due to how effective social media can be.

What should mcdonald’s address on social media policy

In my opinion, certain agreements such as confidential agreements should be sign in order to get rid of the risks. Social media policy should address both internally and externally, action should be taken so that people will know that there is actually law on social media.

Thats all 🙂 I will see you next week