Social Media Strategy – American Express (Additional post )

Hello everybody, in my last post I will start off introducing a case study of how american express grows its massive social media presence. I have spend a lot of time on researching case studies and found out this is one of the best one i’ve seen.


Case Study – American Express(
Credit card company American Express seemed to come out of nowhere in the past year, offering one social media program after another.

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ — it’s got them all covered, and even better, it stands for what its consumers want across all of the social platforms it’s on.

While American Express has seemed to pump a lot of life into its social strategy as of late, it has actually been on the scene since 2009, helping cardholders solve problems one tweet and wall post at a time.

We spoke with Leslie Berland, SVP of digital partnerships and development at American Express, for the backstory on AmEx’s social media strategy, mission and goals. Read on for what she had to say.

American Express joined the social media scene in 2009 with presences on Twitter and Facebook, aimed at providing customer service for cardholders.

American Express first made its appearance on Twitter with the @AskAmex handle, focused on servicing Cardmember and merchant questions and needs. Berland says that @AmericanExpress and the official American Express Facebook Page came soon after.

“Our mission is to be everywhere our Cardmembers and merchants are,” says Berland. “To engage with them, service them, deliver unique value that’s shareable and create seamless digital experiences that surprise and delight.”

Since the beginning, American Express has built its social strategy on service, and it continues to improve its implementation by taking in user feedback. “We spent a great deal of time listening to the community. The community interests and feedback defined our strategy,” says Berland.

AmEx has come a long way — with nearly 2.4 million Facebook fans and more than 348,000 followers on Twitter for the American Express U.S. pages alone. Its presences have also expanded internationally, and the brand now supports efforts on LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube and Google+, as well.

Social Networking Strategy

Strategy that I have come up with  are:




4.Evaluate and analyse

For every social media process, it will go through the idea phase first. Which is the planning of the whole process. This is essential and the corner stone of a successful network strategy. After this phase, it moves on to the design section. Which is the part where basic layout, step by step flow chart, set of milestones, and etc. are set. Later on, implementation comes in. Implementing/Practicing strategy are often time consuming but enjoyable, an example of this would be strictly advertising micro-blogging/blogging and set an example for students to follow. Last but not the least, Evaluation of analysis, which is to collect all analysed data and to determine weaknesses and strength.

Thank you all for sparing time to read my post, it has been a fun trip and I hope going through my posts can help you understand more about social media and the whole concept of Enterprise 2.0.


Reference:Case Study – American Express(